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My own art, paintings and photography, will appear on this page. I've only recently resumed painting, so have many more images of photography. Actually, I have over 24,000 images sitting in my computer. You will see a lot of images for and about Hawaii because I lived there for 22 years. However, recently, and since moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, I'm adding more variety. Many have been processed for my online sales, but most await tweaking to perfection. In any case, I shall not run out of beautiful and interesting art to post here. Enjoy!

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Old Town Scottsdale Stairway

While being a tourist over a year ago, I saw this stairway in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. The colors were intriguing as were the inlaid ceramic tile designs included. This carries a very Spanish flavor and is quite appealing to the eye and inviting.

The Wai`oli Hui`ia Church

The "Wai`oli Hui`ia Church" in Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii is famous having been built, I believe, during the time of the missionaries. It is much photographed and long remembered.

Today, they welcome all faiths, as tourists never know where they will find themselves on worship day. This church is fully Hawaiian, with hula dancers performing during the spiritual songs. No, not hot hula, just hula that expresses the words of the songs.

Heading For The Treetops

I walk along the lakes where I live and find much to photograph. This past spring i was lucky to catch this baby Blue Heron in flight. NOTE: I've just added the image of the large blue heron taking off in flight. I am so thrilled to have captured such a stunning image.

HeronBlueLiftoff (2).jpg

This baby was about 20 inches tall, so i was fortunate to be close enough to catch the detail that i hoped for.

Herons can grow to be four feet tall, but I haven't seen any that large by the lakes. At first I and others labeled this herons a gray, but upon finding a few beautiful feathers that had been shed, they are definitely blue herons.

HeronBabyFlight (1) - CLN.jpg

Other birds by the lakes are Canada Geese, Mud Hens, and Mallard families - though the babies are difficult to photograph. I've also photographed a carp close to the edge and hope to catch a turtle or two as well.

Who Should We Drop It On Next?

I was being a little naughty when i created that title. I was walking along Waikiki Beach and came to rest at some tables and seats. A man at the next table jumped up suddenly. When i realized what happened, i looked up and saw the shade trees were filled with doves and pigeons and some small birds. 

I moved.

Then I looked up again. Not far from me - actually at a good angle - I spied these two doves looking inquisitively and the title for the potential picture immediately came to mind. I didn't now how well the picture would turn out until I was able to process my shots. But when i saw how good it was, the title stuck.

Fun With Carousel Horses

Opaeka`a Falls, Kauai, Hawaii

Opaeka`a Falls (Oh-pie-ka-ah) was near my home when I lived on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. This location has been the source of many wonderful images, which I work on constantly to upload to my online galleries. This area is also the source of many fond memories. I can still hear the island calling to me.

Opaeka`a Falls is located on the east side of Kauai, up Kuamo`o Road behind the old Coco Palms Resort Hotel. A small ancient Hawaiian village can be visited across the highway, albeit via a very narrow one way road down a steep hill.

From Here To Eternity Beach

This is the beach from the love scene in the film From Here to Eternity. The smooth portion of the wet sand is where the scene took place. Imagine it if you can. The film makers and cameras were poised in the alcove in the back and on the jutting finger of rocks. This beach has a local name that I failed to learn. Will have to learn that and post it. The location is on the southwest end of the island of Oahu, Hawaii, well down past the Waikiki Beach area.

Begonia With Dew Drops

Macro photography is something I am very fond of and do a lot of. Macro is when the lens is tight-focused on a certain part, or smaller part, of the subject. In this case, I wanted to capture the dew drops. I have dew drops on other flowers and colors as well and they are just as exciting as this pink and white shot.

The beautiful Begonia genus comes in about 1600 species. They love tropical and subtropical climates. Begonias come in a variety of colors. Some varieties can be grown outdoors or indoors.

I was visiting friends in Sequim, Washington and staying at a lavender farm. Of course they had many different types of flowers as well.

I captured this gorgeous shot in the flower garden at the foot of the front steps. It was amazing to find a sub-tropical flower blooming in an area where it snows.

Dew Drops on a Begonia

Incoming Tide At The Tide Pool

This is a triptych (two canvasses) that I recently painted on commission using water-soluble oils. The inspiration came from the north shore of Kauai in Hawaii. I found this little tide pool as I visited nearly every beach on the island looking for sea glass and sea shells. I will be posting some exciting sea glass images soon.

Incoming Tide At the Tide Pool

Curly Hibiscus

This curly Hibiscus is finished in Sepia-tone. Sepia is a great way to make an image look older, or vintage. The vintage look is quite popular and is some of my best selling photographs.



Many colors of these flowers grow all over Hawaii and Polynesia, and in just about any warm climate anywhere. The yellow Hibiscus is Hawaii's State Flower.


The only hibiscus that aren't hybrid flowers are the original wild species hibiscus that originally grew in the tropics of Asia and islands off of Africa. Species plants, by definition, can self-pollinate the flower and make seeds that will reproduce the same exact plant and flower. If a hybrid hibiscus produces seeds, each seed will produce a completely different hibiscus with an unknown flower, so hybrid hibiscus varieties cannot be reproduced from seed. Only species hibiscus can.

Hibiscus In Sepia

Kilauea Lighthouse

Located on the northernmost point of the Island of Kauai, in Hawaii, the Kilauea Lighthouse stands fifty-two feet tall. It was built in 1913 and boasts the largest clam shell lens in the world.  The lighthouse itself is now an historic icon, having been replaced by an electronic beacon.

The Kilauea Lighthouse stands on the point of land surrounded by the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, a sanctuary for birds. This is also a grand place to watch for humpback whales that head south in the autumn months and north at the end of winter.


Because of the sanctuary and preserve, this historic location is one of the most visited spots on the Island.

Kilauea Lighthouse

Bird of Paradise

This image was captured at the Marriott Hotel on the east side of Kauai in Hawaii. The Bird of Paradise is one of my all-time favorite flowers. 

The Latin name of the Bird of Paradise is Strelitzia. It is a member of the plant family Strelitziaceae. It was names Bird of Paradise because of it look similar to a bird. In South Africa it is commonly known as a crane flower and is featured on the reverse of the 50 cent coin.


The flowers are produced in a horizontal inflorescence emerging from a stout spathe. The flowers are pollinated when a bird sits on the spathe, which opens under its weight. and deposits pollen onto the birds feet, to be carried to the next plant.

Bird Of Paradise

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