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Eva Pasco

At the age of twelve, Eva Pasco pounded chapter stories in the genres of mystery and espionage, replete with dialogue, on a girly-pink Tom Thumb typewriter. After retiring from a teaching career in the third-grade trenches, midlife restlessness prompted the revival of a passion for storytelling. 

A newly published author in 2008, Eva prioritized increasing her visibility and credibility by binge-writing her way out of obscurity. Having grown up during the Sixties, she drew upon her experiences to write memoirs for The 60's Official Site where she is a featured contributor. Give or take a few of the original 100, Eva published them in a nonfiction collection for posterity.

When it comes to fiction, Eva taps into significant issues impacting the lives of women. Her Contemporary novels emphasize character-driven plots propelled by flawed and feisty females over forty who confront and come to terms with their drama, demons, and dilemmas along life’s precarious day-to-day journey. 

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Eva’s signature is that of incorporating the local setting of her native state of Rhode Island in her novels.  Her knack for integrating historic landmarks, geographic entities, and regional culture into the fabric of her storytelling blurs the lines of distinction between fact and fiction.

Whenever she can break away, Eva enjoys day tripping along Rhode Island’s coastline where her favorite pastime is walking the shore at any season or time of day. 

100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s


A nonfiction collection of serious, sentimental, and silly anecdotes pertaining to growing up during the Sixties. While the mushroom cloud of the Cold War hovered over us, my sister and I carried on as kids do, regardless of world events.

An Enlightening Quiche


An heirloom quiche recipe and baking rivalry precipitate mishap and mayhem in a New England mill town, wreaking havoc on those caught in the crossfire of a tragedy.

Mr. Wizardo – (Baxter Springs, Kansas)


Ten years after graduating from Franklin High, four misfits, indebted to their guidance counselor, wend their way back home to attend his funeral. Discover how Mr. Wizardo empowers them to tap into their potential despite insurmountable odds.

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Debbie de Louise

Debbie De Louise is an award-winning author and a reference librarian at a public library on Long Island. She is a member of Sisters-in-CrimeInternational Thriller WritersLong Island Author's Group, and the Cat Writer’s Association. She has a BA in English and an MLS in Library Science from Long Island University.

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Her published novels include Cloudy Rainbow, a paranormal romance, and the Cobble Cove Mystery series featuring the books A Stone's ThrowBetween a Rock and a Hard PlaceWritten in Stone,  and Love on the Rocks. Debbie has also written a romantic comedy novella, When Jack Trumps Ace, and articles, and short stories for several anthologies of various genres. Her standalone mysteries include Reason to Die  and her latest release Sea Scope. She lives on Long Island with her husband Anthony, daughter Holly, and cat Stripey.

You can connect with Debbie on the following sites:


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Bookbub: Debbie De Louise Books - BookBub


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Sarah Collins needs an escape. Mourning her brother’s death and the impending breakup of her marriage, she accepts an invitation to return to her childhood home in South Carolina, where her family operated an inn.


She hasn’t been back to Sea Scope for twenty years; not since she and her brother Glen discovered a body by the nearby lighthouse. She never understood why her parents left Sea Scope so suddenly, or the reasons behind her father's suicide.


After Sarah returns to the inn, she faces long-buried memories, text messages and strange clues. Something is not right in Sea Scope.


Reunited with people from her past, she tries to figure out what's going on in her childhood home. As the past and present collide, she must face truths about her family, and what happened that summer day by the lighthouse. But will she survive to tell the tale?

Kenna Mary McKinnon

Kenna McKinnon is the author of The Insanity Machine, a memoir with co-author Austin Mardon, PhD, CM; Blood Sister (a mystery); Timothie Hill and the Cloak of Power; and Ascending presently for prelease. Her books are available in eBook and print worldwide on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, etc., and in selected bookstores and public libraries. Blood Sister will soon be available in Audiobook.

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She is the owner and manager of Kenna McKinnon & Associates, a medical / academic transcription service open for business since 1999.


Kenna's interests include fitness and health, volunteering, reading, writing, music, cooking and entertaining, and caricatures. She lives in Edmonton, Canada. Her most memorable years were spent at the University of Alberta, where she graduated with Distinction with a degree in Anthropology. She has lived successfully with schizophrenia for many years and is a member of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta and the Canadian Authors Association. She has three wonderful adult children and three grandsons. Writing is not a means to fame and fortune, but a personal passion!


By Kenna Mary McKinnon

1971: A ghost in the house – a young Canadian widow forced to choose between the living and the dead. Will she prove strong enough to let go of the manacles of obsession?

Scarlett Kane and her son Troy battle paranormal elements in this vintage story of the supernatural. Her late husband Michael’s head was crushed in a horrific motorbike accident in June 1971.

Ten years later a resolution defies the bonds of heaven and earth. An incredible secret releases her from the inconceivable burden of her past. 

A sometimes violent almost steampunk story of first love and redemption.

BUY NOW! Ascending on Amazon worldwide:

UPDATE: Ascending is now available for purchase.

Book Review, Judi Hansen said: "You won't believe the ending!"

More of Kenna's Books

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Translations of Kenna's Books
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Sharon C. Williams

Sharon C. Williams loves to read, sketch, take pictures, walk, exercise, go to the movies, and listen to music. She is a budding bird watcher and knits on the side. She is a huge sports fan of baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. She is also a shutterbug and is always looking for the next big shot.

Two of Sharon’s short stories were published in the anthology, Cassandra’s Roadhouse, which is no longer published. She also has two short stories published in the Dragons in the Attic anthology, which is written by her writing group, The Wonder Chicks.


Sharon’s children’s chapter book, Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure, and Jasper: Amazon Friends and Family, were previously released by Fountain Blue Publishing in 2013 and 2015. Her comedy novel about her war with her backyard squirrels, Squirrel Mafia, was also released in the spring of 2015, followed by an anthology titled Everyday Musings, which was published in in 2016 by Lysestrah Press. She is currently working on three WIP’s—Squirrel Mafia 2, Lost Faith, and Jasper 4.

Jasper, Amazon Parrot:
A Rainforest Adventure

Jasper, the Amazon parrot, is no ordinary bird. He lives within the rainforest, whose secrets he’s eager to explore. He loves his life, his home, and his family - grateful for the blessings he’s discovered. He’s in charge of his younger brother, Willie, a responsibility Jasper takes very seriously.

Learning how to fly, he learns to appreciate the world around him. When he meets a spider monkey with a penchant for food and a laid back attitude named Charlie, he realizes he’s in for an adventure he never thought possible. Even if this means getting into danger and worrying his mother to no end Jasper is happy to have made a friend in his home.


Exploring the boundaries of the forest, Jasper soon understands that there is more to the world around him. Most especially the strange new creatures that have come to live there. Are they safe the young parrot doesn’t know. With Willie and Charlie by his side he will soon find out.


Genre: Children’s Book, Elementary, Adventure                                                     RELEASE DATE: July 9, 2019

Jasper: Rainforest Friends and Family - Book 2

Life in the jungle is never boring.


From the moment he was born, Jasper’s curiosity about the world has consumed him. Along with his brother, Willie, they’ve made new friends, and learned more about the jungle. In their eyes, the Amazon is everything they could have imagined and more.


The youngsters have grown close through the course of their short lives, intent on making the most of any situation they find themselves in. Jasper’s main job, however, is to make sure his brother comes to no harm. Granted, that’s easier said than done. The jungle is full of many obstacles, and if they’re not careful, things will quickly get out of hand.

New dangers are always around the corner, a fact they become privy to through the course of their travels. Determined to make his mother proud, Jasper vows to protect himself and his friends. If they’re to make it home in one piece, they’ll need to trust in one another, as well as those they come across. It never hurts to give someone a helping hand, either.


The Amazon is vast, piquing their interest every step of the way. Its secrets must be discovered, and each new experience opens their minds to new possibilities. New friends also make their unexpected trips worthwhile. Though trouble tends to follow their every wake, Jasper and his friends do their best to overcome the adversities coming their way.


GENRE: Children’s Book, Elementary, Adventure                                                    RELEASE DATE: July 23, 2019

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Isabelle Kenyon

I am a northern poet and I run a publishing press, Fly on the Wall Press, which is a socially conscious small press for chapbooks and anthologies. I used to work in theatre marketing and although I very much enjoy the theatre industry, publishing is where I have really come into my own.

When I am not writing, editing or designing books, I am mad about dancing – both swing dance and salsa! I am a fierce dog lover and a confessed caffeine addict. My current Jack Russell is a rescue dog and who eats absolutely everything, including poisonous raisins and causing many rush trips to the vets! You can find me and ridiculously indie/alternative coffee shops or in vintage clothing fairs.

1IsabelleKenyon (4).jpg

Digging Holes To Another Continent

Genre: Poetry

"Digging Holes to Another Continent, contains twenty poems, but it speaks volumes. Almost like a small story in verse, the poems in this chapbook chronicle the sights and experiences of a trip to New Zealand. The beaches and the sea feature heavily in these perfect small poems, and these pieces turn the reader into a traveler to far distant shores." (Blurb by Nicholas Trandahl, author of Pulling Words and Think of Me)


This is not a Spectacle

Genre: Poetry

“This Is Not A Spectacle is a poignant and meditative commentary on the human existence. By way of captivating imagery and musicality, Kenyon’s words can be felt equally in the mind and in the heart.”

 - Ashley Jean Granillo, Author

Isabelle Kenyon is northern poet and the author of This is not a Spectacle, Micro chapbook, The Trees Whispered (Origami Poetry Press) and Digging Holes To Another Continent (Clare Songbirds Publishing House, New York).


She is the editor of Fly on the Wall Press, a socially conscious small press for chapbooks and anthologies. Anthology, Please Hear What I'm Not Saying, which raises money for UK mental health charity, Mind, came runner up for Best Anthology at the Saboteur Awards, 2018.

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Her poems have been published in poetry anthologies by Indigo Dreams Publishing, Verve Poetry Press, and Hedgehog Poetry Press. She has had poems published in literary journals such as Wordsmith HQ, Eunoia Review, FoxTrott Uniform, Mojave Heart Review, The Blue Nib, Breath and Shadow, The Pangolin Review, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Eskimo Pie, Scrittura, Anti - Heroin Chic and more. 

Her book reviews, articles and blog posts have been published in various places such as Authors Publish, Harness magazine and Five Oaks Press. ​She has headlined at Cafe Del Nino's spoken word night, Cannock, and has opened Coventry Cathedral's Plum Line Festival. 

Fly on the Wall Press-

P. S. Winn

I am fascinated with angels, hypnosis, supernatural and the strange things in life that are closer to science fact than to science fiction. So those are all included in my works.

1PSWinn (1).jpg
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I have four children’s books, five for young adults and a host of novels and collections for adults. With 52 books the genres are also an eclectic assortment. I love to write conspiracies, maybe because I am fascinated by so many in real life. In fact, my one non-fiction novel is about a real life conspiracy.

I have a few health issues slowing me down, but now that I have stated putting the words on paper, I think it would take my death and a trip to the unknown to stop me now. Or…maybe not.

Intrigued? Here are just a couple books to pick up.

Healings is a romance wrapped in spiritual and supernatural.

Andrew is a healer and has been for thousands of years. Given special tasks from a special group, Andrew heads into this world of troubles to try and help. When Andrew heals the wrong woman, he finds his souls mate. He also finds loving her may change everything he knows and may end his way of life.

Tunnels is a supernatural thriller that takes readers into parallel worlds and alternate realities.

Nikki got the call no one wants to get. Her father is dying. Rushing home, Nikki finds the disease her dad is suffering from is like no other. That is because it was picked up somewhere other than this world. That’s where Scott Anderson has been. He has built wormhole like Tunnels that can transport people to other worlds and alternate realities. From the time she was little, Nikki heard her dad’s science fiction tales about these tunnels. She never believed they would become reality or that she would have to enter them in search of a cure for her dad.

1PSWinn (3).jpg

P.S. Winn is an author who it would seem is glad to help other authors. She not only reads and reviews their books but loves to share their works even more than she shares her own.

A prolific author, P.S. Winn has 52 books as of May, 2018. That is a great accomplishment, but when one looks at her first publication date and reads that it was in October of 2012, it is truly amazing. The author has a great variety of stories and passes on uplifting messages to her readers.

Born in a small town, P.S. Winn uses that location in many of her novels. This makes readers feel like they know the location and in turn the characters this author brings to life. The novels range from a trip to heaven to a man with a supernatural problem with the full moon and a bit of everything in between.

Her Amazon page:

Barnes and Noble:

Goodreads: Listed are the books she has written and those she has read and reviewed as a top reader and reviewer.


Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

I grew up at our family’s riding school in the small town of Easton, CT. Our farm was  called Sweetbrier. My whole family was involved in the operation of our farm. My sisters and l taught horseback riding there and successfully competed in horse shows throughout the northeast.

Some of my other interests include; music, singing, reading and watching equestrian events, figure skating and baseball. In addition, I love spending time with my family.

1DeanieHumphreys-Dunne (6).jpg

Charlie the Horse is an amusing tale of a young horse with a big dream. Charlie dreams of becoming a famous racehorse like his dad, Charles the Great. But will he have the talent to succeed? In the beginning of his training, Charlie has trouble focusing on his work. Instead, he enjoys munching on flowers growing along the racetrack. What happens when Charlie encounters trouble on the racetrack. Will he persevere?

Charlie tells the story himself. As with the other fictional tales, Charlie the Horse is beautifully illustrated by Deanie’s sister, Holly Humphrys- Bajaj.

Charlie the Horse is an easy-to-read story for beginning readers. It will be released as an audio book shortly.

1DeanieHumphreys-Dunne (1).jpg
1DeanieHumphreys-Dunne (3).jpg

Charlene the Star: (Volume 1)

Charlene the Star is the first in the series of Charlene the Star books.

Charlene the Star is Charlie’s little sister, but unlike him, she doesn’t like racing. She finds it completely boring. She narrates her amusing tale. Charlene doesn’t fit in with her friends, Shy Ann and Blossom, who adore racing. How will Charlene show her trainers she wants to do something else? Will she find her unique talent?

Young readers relate to Charlene’s dilemma of not fitting in and her adventures keep them engaged. It will be released as an audio book soon.

1DeanieHumphreys-Dunne (2).jpg

Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes: (Volume 2)

This time, the animal characters start a new career to help their animal friends. Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes will be released as an audio book later this year.

Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog: (Volume 3)

In this adventure, Charlene and her friends meet obnoxious Bentley Bulldog, who is very rude to Hattie the chicken when they first meet.


Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog will be released as an audio book later this year.

1DeanieHumphreys-Dunne (5).jpg

Another Book by Deanie:

Deanie Humphrys-Dunne is an award-winning children’s book author with five books published at this time. My Life at Sweetbrier is Deanie’s latest book. It’s her personal story of beginning life as a disabled child and realizing her dream of becoming an equestrian champion. When Deanie was a toddler, the doctor told her parents she would never walk, due to cerebral palsy. But Deanie’s Dad wouldn’t accept that. He told her he would teach her to ride and she would be fine.

1DeanieHumphreys-Dunne (4).jpg

This book is written in a conversational style to encourage children to reach for their dreams, even when it seems unlikely those dreams will come true. Deanie believes many things are possible through perseverance. My Life at Sweetbrier won several awards including the Mom’s Choice Gold Medal, New Apple Solo (Gold) Medal and First Place in the Top Shelf Magazine Holiday Book Contest. A complete list of awards for Deanie’s books is on her website.



twitter: @DeanieHDunne

Joseph Ferguson

I was born in Yonkers, NY, and have lived in Miami, FL, New Orleans, LA, and for a short time, Boulder, CO. I play a pretty poor guitar considering I’ve been at it since eighth grade.

1JosephFerguson (1).JPG
1JosephFerguson (3).jpg

After traveling around the country, I returned to college to finish a B.A. in English/Journalism at SUNY New Paltz where I fell in love with rock climbing; a sport I continue to enjoy (though at my age is mostly confined to a climbing wall I built on my shed). For exercise now I ski, bike ride, and hike.


I spent most of my career at various public relations jobs and retired from driving a school bus in 2014.  I’ve been married for 20 years and have four sons and two granddaughters.

Southbound   (Literary Short Fiction)


A short story collection about Basement Man; moody drunk, sometime rock climber, absurdist philosopher, raconteur of the ridiculous, rogue, and not-so-merry prankster from the North End of Yonkers (aka Junkies Paradise). An everyman for nobodies, he is ever adrift between the carrot of sobriety and the reality of carpe diem. Bowing only to the laws of Murphy, he can never decide whether the lucky ones are the survivors or those who died years ago.


The stories are all told from different perspectives and by different narrators: characters, third person omniscient, first person, etc. They are filled with literary allusions and references to music, film, and culture as well.


Each tale stands alone, yet the whole adds up to the story of the main character's life.

Find it here:

1JosephFerguson (2).jpg

Tales Told by an Idiot (Literary Short Fiction)


While far more of these stories than the author intended are reminiscent of The Twilight Zone; they run the gamut: laughter, terror, silliness, insanity, puns, puzzles, facts, fictions, and even a play and a Christmas story of sorts. And, though not thematically related; small references, allusions, and echoes reverberate throughout. In short; something for everyone.

Find it here:

Other Books by Joseph Ferguson

Shillelagh Law (Literary Short Fiction)

This eclectic collection of short fiction explores the human condition in all its absurdity, beauty, and heartbreak.  Some are simple, uncomplicated tales; others are quirky or filled with symbol and allusion. Some are coming-of-age tales; some funny, some horrific. Still others examine themes of redemption or ruin.

Written in a variety of styles and points of view, there are tales for every reader, and hopefully, a reader for every tale.

Reflections of a Scurvy Bastard (Poetry)

Poems of nature.

Poems of the street.

Gritty, light.

Nostalgic, raw.

Stark, indelible images that leap off the page and smack you stupid.

Poems to make you flinch.

Poems to make you smile.

They’re all here.


Dave Doolittle's Resumes That Work So You Don't Have To (Satire)


An irreverent spoof of “how to get a job” books like, What Color Is Your Parachute, featuring ridiculous resumes, crazy cover letters, and bizarre behavioral advice.


Destination Known (Poetry)


A follow-up collection of poems similar in content to Reflections.

Joseph Ferguson is an author, poet, and journalist appearing in a variety of small press, regional, and national publications. He wrote propaganda for a living for a variety of entities for some 25 years.


His books include three short story collections - SouthboundShillelagh Law, and Tales Told by an Idiot; two poetry collections – Reflections of a Scurvy Bastard and Destination Known; and a spoof of "how-to-get-a-job" books, Dave Doolittle's Resumes That Work, So You Don't Have To.


He is a former editor and critic for Hudson Valley, ran the Fiction Writing Workshop for the Poughkeepsie Library District, and has reviewed books and videos for Climbing, The American Book Review, Kirkus, and a number of other publications.


He also sells rock climbing t-shirts through his website:


Social Media Links

Isobel Blackthorn

In my mid-twenties my life took a dramatic turn when I moved with my then partner to a volcanic desert island named Lanzarote - which they say means broken lance - one of the Canary Islands, Spain. There, I renovated an old stone ruin, taught English and mingled with the locals. The relationship ended but I loved the island so much I planned on staying. I met another man, native to the island, who swept me off my feet.

He was dashing, charismatic, the most dramatic personality I had ever met. I was dazzled by him. He oozed adventure from every pore. When he installed me in his home I thought my life was complete, even though I had no idea what direction it would take. This man took me to Bali on one of his adventures. This was when it slowly dawned on me that my life might be at risk, so I hightailed it to Australia on a holiday visa and reunited with my family. After that reckless phase, life took a sobering turn and it took another twenty-five years before I went back to visit. I have been obsessed with the Canary Islands ever since.

1IsobelBlackthorn (3).png

Clarissa’s Warning

A lottery jackpot changes Claire Bennett’s life.

She buys an ancient stone ruin on the island of her dreams. Her mystic aunt Clarissa warns her of danger, but Claire pays no heed.

Soon after moving to the idyllic island, Claire is confronted by a mystery. As the sinister story of her home slowly uncovers, Claire enters a world of inexplicable events and ordeals.

Someone or something doesn't want her there.

But is it really a curse, or is there something else behind the events?

A Matter of Latitude

"A Matter of Latitude simmers with danger, betrayal and treachery, drawing the reader into the island’s history of shady dealings and uneasy relationships between natives, tourists and ex-pats as Ann searches for her missing husband, a passionate artist and anti-corruption campaigner. Isobel Blackthorn has crafted an atmospheric and setting-rich novel with alluring lyrical style." – multi-award-winning crime-fiction author, Sandi Wallace

1IsobelBlackthorn (1).jpg
1IsobelBlackthorn (1).png

The Blurb

When local Lanzarote anti-corruption activist, Celestino, is t-boned on a lonely stretch of road, he knows the collision was no accident.


Wounded and fearing for his life, he hides in an abandoned fishing village, waiting for a chance to make it home. Meanwhile his wife, English expat Paula, is distraught. Her pursuit of answers is deflected when her neighbor, troublesome retiree Shirley Mobad, co-opts Paula on her escapades around the Canary Island.


Paula’s search for her husband quickly descends into mayhem, danger and intrigue. Before long, she realizes she’s being followed. She needs answers, and fast.

But where is Celestino, and will he ever make it back alive?

More books by Isobel Blackthorn

1IsobelBlackthorn (4).jpg
1IsobelBlackthorn (5).jpg
1IsobelBlackthorn (6).jpg

Isobel Blackthorn is a prolific novelist of brilliant, original fiction across a range of genres, including dark psychological thrillers, gripping mystery novels, captivating travel fiction, and hilarious dark satire. Isobel holds a PhD in Western Esotericism and carries a lifelong passion for the Canary Islands, Spain. A Londoner originally, Isobel currently lives near Melbourne, Australia, with her little white cat.

Author, reviewer, tutor


Jenn Flynn-Shon

Living in the desert is a challenge for me sometimes. I’m a self-proclaimed beach bum who would rather spend my days and nights with sand between my toes than anywhere else in the world. Coastal southern California is my comfort place and I try to get out to San Diego at least twice a year. But I’ll take just about any beach along any ocean coastline anywhere in the world!

1JennFlynnShon (1).jpg

I’ve been to St. Lucia, the Bahamas, and up and down the entire east coast including loads of time in New England where I grew up. In opposition to my sun and sand attitude, I also love ice hockey. My husband and I are season ticket holders for Arizona’s professional NHL team, the Coyotes. The pace and exciting action of the sport made me a fan at a very young age. It was unavoidable becoming a fan as a born-and-raised Boston girl. I also cheer for the Bruins in addition to the Yotes. Someday I hope to see my two teams in a race for the Stanley Cup!

1JennFlynnShon (2).jpg

Shaw McLeary Mystery Series

(Genre: Romantic Suspense)

Reckless Abandon

Reckless Hearts

Reckless Mind

Series synopsis: How far would you go for love?

Author Shaw McLeary feels like she's been around the world to find out. But she still struggles with trust. After all, what woman could prioritize love when she's been: shot at, kidnapped, almost killed, and witnessed multiple murders? ? Not to mention facing the scariest thing of all-- her sister's scathing judgement.

1JennFlynnShon (1).png

If Shaw finds love he’ll need a thick skin, unwavering loyalty, and absolutely no desire to kill her. A tall order perhaps, but she's determined to search until she finds him. Luckily, she may not have to look too far.

Creative Writing Kickstart (Vol. 1 & 2) &

30 Chapters in 30 Days: Write a 50,000 word first draft without feeling blocked

Synopsis: Ever wanted to write 50,000 words in 30 days? If you answered yes, then 30 Chapters in 30 Days is the book for you. Through questions, themes, and tips for chapter and scene development, this book will help you get to know your characters as if they were your best friends. Your scenes will take on new depths of dimension, and your settings will feel like another character. If you want large word count in a small time frame, then open this book, grab a pen and paper (or tech of choice) and start putting words down today!

Other books by Jenn:

California Dreamin’ Series (Genre: Coming of Age)

Carol + Chad 4-eva!

Alternate Plans

Makeup Your Mind

Author Jenn Flynn-Shon writes books for people who need escape from our jacked up world. All of her books are focused on sassy Tomboy leading ladies, punchy, raw dialogue, romantic suspense, love, and sexy meet-cutes. She’s been writing fiction for close to 35 years and founded her micro-press, Writesy Press, LLC, in 2012 to publish her now-retired first novel, Ripple the Twine. Since 2012, Flynn-Shon has released nine additional titles including three reference books for new fiction writers, and six fiction novellas.

Personal blog (writing and life) Randomness and Lunacy


Twitter @jennshon

Judy Hall-Folde

Most of my adult life was spent working full time, attending college part time and taking care of a husband, house and three children. Always had a variety of pets in the mix! 

I love to travel and have seen most of the United States during yearly driving vacations. Now retired, my husband and I have moved up from camping to glamping in our 36 foot fifth wheel. Coal and Holly, the rescue Malti-Poos, are travel companions. Every couple of years we go on a cruise to exotic places and are contemplating a European tour in the foreseeable future! Did I mention I love to travel?

Seems like all the traveling Judy and her husband, Frank, like to do turn into photography trips… her camera is never left behind.  You can view her work and access sites to purchase her work at

Judy’s latest creative endeavors include products with custom graphics and text-created with vinyl.Visit

You can also find Judy on twitter @gw2up.

Her Etsy site:


1Judy Hall-Folde.jpg

I love great conversations and learn so much from them.I believe you never, ever stop learning. There is always someone who knows more than you and, if you keep your mind open, you might amaze yourself!

1Judy Hall-Folde-PinkDawn.jpg

In the end, I prefer to be a giver…not so much receiver. I believe my mind can be changed if I am given viable information…you know, science is not an “exact science.” It is ever involving as new information and data come to life. Therefore, even though I am a “senior,” I appreciate change.

Pink Dawn

Pink Dawn is created out of Judy's love of beaches.  It is an image captured very early in the morning on the east coast of Florida as Tropical Storm Arthur was churning about 125 miles off shore.  The print is glicee, 15x30, set in a custom mat and finished with a 24x36 barnwood frame.

1Judy Hall-Folde-santa elena canyon.jpg
Santa Elena Canyon

Reference picture was taken on a photography trip in the Big Bend National Park in Southwest Texas. The area experiences very harsh environmental conditions. This artist chose to portray the canyon in bright colors with ample water in the Rio Grande River as it flows into Santa Elena Canyon. This painting is acrylic on a 20x30x1.5 canvas. The painting is gallery wrapped and requires no framing.

Judy Hall-Folde always had a “creative side.” As a young child, you would find her building little cities in a sandbox. As she grew, she branched out to drawing and painting. Art may have been her favorite class in school.

Adulting took over after high school. Judy married, had children, and creativity took a back seat… at least until she retired. Shortly before retirement, Judy bought her first DSLR, a Nikon D40X. Photography became a passion. Creativity blossomed. She began writing, buying art supplies and having fun doing things she loves.

Judy’s artist philosophy is “Art is the window to the soul.”The art you create and the art you appreciate and purchase does say volumes about who you are!

Sharon Brownlie

I entered the creative world of writing and art late in life and as a woman of mature years I now love everything about the indie world of authors.

1SharonBrownlie (1).png

I started out as an indie author in 2011 but soon found out I also loved art and decided to use concept art and digital art to create book covers for indie authors. My work is interesting and I love the interaction and new found friendships I have made over the last few years. I work closely with authors and together we achieve the results they want for their cover.

The creation of Aspire Book Covers enabled me to reach out and deliver affordable, professional, and inspirational book covers and you may, from time to time, find free covers there! My digital art covers many genres and I love doing them all.

1SharonBrownlie (1).jpg
1SharonBrownlie (3).jpg
1SharonBrownlie (2).jpg

Sharon Brownlie was born in Malta and has traveled around the world. Her father was in the British Forces. She feels like a gypsy and finds it difficult to lay down roots. Brownlie started out as an author, being both an indie published author and also traditionally published under the pseudonym of Tracey Black.

A few years ago she found that art was her first love and decided to design book covers for indie authors. Her work has gone from strength to strength and she created her own website to connect with budding authors.

She is adaptable and adept in producing premade covers and customized covers. Brownlie has a vast range of pre-mades on her Aspire Book Covers website. Her ethos is to keep her prices low for struggling indie authors, she formats too! Reviews for her work are great and she comes highly recommended.

Kenna McKinnon

A long and interesting life with death, love, and betrayal sprinkled throughout.

I didn’t travel until a senior, when my daughter arranged a trip to the historic City of Lights in Canada, Quebec City, for Christmas the year my son passed away in 2012.

1KennaMcKinnon (1).jpg

That led to a rented condo in Maui and a luau at Christmastime the next year, and to meet online friends in Palm Springs, California and in Phoenix, Arizona on a couple of occasions thereafter. Trips to Michigan to visit a good friend resulted in the two of us exploring Las Vegas last year (Sin City!). My blue 1979 Mercedes Benz sedan, which sold privately for less than I paid for it, eventually I found was a bucket of rust! A personal trainer helps me budget my time at the gym, and Kung Fu is fun when the weather permits getting to the studio.

1KennaMcKinnon (1).gif

I love to cook and try out healthy recipes. My 74th birthday was October 2018 and I planned to watch First Man, the original of which I saw with my first hubby in 1969!

Blood Sister

Annie Hansen, a 24-year-old female schizophrenic private eye, must solve a grisly murder in the small island town of Serendipity, Canada. She is a suspect herself, and her boyfriend Samir and his cousin Pepsi may have been on the scene.

A not-so-popular doctor, Dr. William Hubert, and the mayor of Serendipity, Rick Spacey, were both murdered, presumably by the same person, and both in a macabre manner. Mark, a handsome detective, teams up with Annie to help solve the murders. Was it drugs or money that prompted the crimes? Who is MASER, a cryptic message left on the doctor's charts, and what message remains on Doc Hubert's laptop memory stick and hard drive that would help Annie and Mark to solve the crimes?

A nurse with a brown belt in karate further complicates the crime scene. There is a morning with a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous, and a missing poker, perhaps the weapon of choice in the grisly killing of the doctor.

Can Annie find the murderer or will the villain strike again? If the villain escapes the small island to the mainland, it will leave Annie with an unsolved crime and a criminal record herself.

Although I’ve written 10 books, including novels, nonfiction, and poetry, my bestseller continues to be a quirky mystery, Blood Sister.


Blood Sister, available here:

My Amazon author page:

Author's blog:





1KennaMcKinnon (1).png

Kenna McKinnon is a Canadian freelance writer, author of SpaceHive; Bigfoot Boy: Lost on Earth; Benjamin and Rumblechum, The Insanity Machine; Blood Sister; Short Circuit and Other Geek Stories; DISCOVERY: A Collection of Poetry; Den of Dark Angels; Engaging the Dragon; and Timothie Hill and the Cloak of Power. Kenna's interests include fitness and health, volunteering, reading, writing, music, cooking for friends, and caricatures. She lives in a high-rise apartment in the neighborhood of Oliver in Edmonton, Canada. Her most memorable years were spent at the University of Alberta, where she graduated with distinction with a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology (1975). She has lived successfully with schizophrenia for many years and is a member of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta and the Canadian Authors Association. She has three adult children and three grandsons.

Jaren Dahlstrom

I am now retired as owner, creative director and head designer of an award winning communication design office, Crow-Quill Studios, in San Francisco, CA. Which I operated for 33 years. I also taught design and print production at UC Berkeley, Extension for 28 years.

1JarenDahlstrom (1).jpg

I was married to my late wife Mary Kessler, for 18 years, my second wife, who died in 2010, who I loved dearly. I have a son, Jason, from my first marriage and two wonderful grand children Gavin and Sierra, they live in Southern California. Since 2002, I have been a licensed in California as real estate agent and mortgage broker. For many years, I have grown orchids, which do very well in the San Francisco Bay Area. Until about 12 years ago, I sailed a Cal 20 on San Francisco Bay and still enjoy boating and fishing. I have traveled throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

I enjoy visiting the world great museums and soaking up the varied cultures. My special joy is walking between the towns of the Cinque Terra in Italy, meeting new people and learning about their lives. I currently work from a live/work studio in Vallejo, CA.


All the art is mine to sell. I hold all rights to my work. I have exhibited extensively in group and one person shows. Including Oakland Museum, Vila Montalvo Art Center, and University of Oregon’s Littman Gallery and many other venues.

Painter, Sculptor and Print Maker for 60 years
1JarenDahlstrom (3).jpg
1JarenDahlstrom (2).jpg

Jaren Dahlstrom, began studying art at the early age of 12 years old, attended Contra Costa College, Art Center College of Design, California Art and Crafts and Hayward State University. His work is in collections in San Francisco Bay Area, and Europe including the late writer Anais Nin. He has exhibited extensively in San Francisco Bay Area, in Northern and Southern California and throughout the United States, with group and one person shows at venues like the Oakland Museum, University of Portland’s Littman Gallery, Villa Montalvo Art Center and many more.

His current series of paintings and prints examines reflected light on water and other surfaces. The fleeting illusions, undulating constantly on a liquid world of enhanced color distorted by movement, creating abstract images of the most mundane objects.

1JarenDahlstrom (4).jpg

Whether it is a canal boat in Venice, Italy, a pier or outboard motor at a local marina, it is always a surprise, a gift. These objects captured in a moment of time are never to be repeated in the exact same way. A moment when light and water fuse to form an illusion, a magic reality, transitory and yet more intense than the real. This fusion of fractured light seems to create more intense colors, surprising contrasts, generating incredible lines and fantastic shapes.


It is out of this abstraction, that Jaren Dahlstrom paints what he calls “abstract reality.” Using saturate colors, strong lines and shapes, he explores this often, over- looked realm of reflected light.

Jaren Dahlstrom’s web site:

My work is available for sale, you can call me directly at 510.215.1743, studio open by appointment only

Current Exhibition: Expressions Gallery Berkeley, CA, 9/15/18 to 12/7/18

Online galleries:

Art Slant -

Fine Art America

Sprig of Broom

by Susan Whitfield


Fitting Tribute to An Ancestor

Sprig of Broom, by Susan Whitfield, gives us a unique peek into the fertile mind of this award-winning author. While researching her genealogy she recognizes the life of the man from whom she descends, one gallant Sir Geoffrey V. Plantagenet, could be turned into a slightly fictionalized but also true accounting of his long and beleaguered life, its heartaches and satisfactions. 

Sprig of Broom, by Susan Whitfield, gives us a unique peek into the fertile mind of this award-winning author. While researching her genealogy she recognizes the life of the man from whom she descends, one gallant Sir Geoffrey V. Plantagenet, could be turned into a slightly fictionalized but also true accounting of his long and beleaguered life, its heartaches and satisfactions. 

Whitfield’s ability to establish  unique character personalities is well honed. The settings as described made me feel a part of the story, the action. I fought beside Sir Geoffrey in long and bloody battles, cringed at his wife’s cruel taunting and treatment. I despised yet understood the Dowager Empress Matilda. So many diverse lives fill this story and make it an exciting and satisfying read. I am still amazed at how much history is packed in here.


Sprig of Broom is an historical novel that I didn’t wish to see end. But it had to because all of Sir Geoffrey’s life, from teen years and on is included in this exciting portrayal of life, circa. 1127 in Great Britain.  I don’t want to say much more about this book that wouldn’t end up being a spoiler. So, suffice it to say, I whole-heartedly recommend Whitfield’s Sprig of Broom to historical aficionados, for both the fiction and nonfiction of it. It’s difficult to tell what’s fiction and what’s not. Sir Geoffrey’s life makes it a most exciting read for any reader. Whitfield has paid a magnificent tribute to her ancestor.

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