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I am a multi-genre author, writing in several genres, and both fiction and nonfiction. Below, in no particular order, you will find 9 books which I currently have published. (I actually have 11 books published but three are out of print.) Watch for Updates for each book. Read excerpts at the links for each book. You may also see my Author page at my publisher's website:

Scroll down to read about the upcoming third book in the Sara Mason Mysteries. River Bones was first, then The Howling Cliffs. Big reveal coming soon.

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Sea Cliff
A San Francisco Romance

Finalist in the 2019 National India Excellence Awards (NIEA).

Emotionally crippled by childhood abuse, a young woman must overcome her distrust of men, or lose the man who loves her.

Rachael Connor is a young woman who has great looks, money, and a home of her own. She is reclusive, dealing with emotional scars of childhood abuse that left her fearful of men. Her father’s censorious teachings guided her into adulthood. It’s all she knows.

With a superior mind, having been through therapy, she counsels others to help them end their noxious situations. She creates perfect lives by writing novels. When she meets Matthew Knight, she is stumbling on how to better depict her story’s male character. She decides to pattern him with Matthew’s personality and mannerisms.

Matthew has other plans and knows what he wants. He pursues Rachael and falls in love. Rachael rebukes him, living by the rules established by her father that supposedly helps her maintain a respectable image. In understanding her misgivings of relationships by writing them as part of her book characters’ lives, she realizes she has loved Matthew all along, but has pushed him away. The realization causes Rachael to have a epiphany about how to overcome her father’s grip. The next time she falls in love, she will know how to deal with it. But will Matthew let her get away so easily?

Read an Excerpt here:

Legacy Of The Tropics

This book moved into Amazon's Top 100 with #1 in 4 categories the first day it was available for sale.

After an editor at The Garden Island, Kauai's local newspaper, read the book, she said, "Stories that shatter the myths of stereotypical islands of paradise." This is a trilogy of entwined novellas with characters and time line carrying forward to a dramatic ending.

Two women fall prey to nature's wrath during inclement tropical weather, face death at sea, and are tested to the limits of survival.


In Promises, during the late 1960s, the ketch, Mercy, sinks during a sea storm off Culebra near the Virgin Islands. Ciara Malloy assumes custody of her drowned fiancé’s son and learns a devastating secret about the boy that changes her life forever.

In Adrift, in the late 1990s, underwater photographer Lillian Avery gets caught in a rip current and swept out to sea off Kauai in Hawaii. In facing death, she finds a way to leave a message behind.


Years later, in Reunion, the two former neighbors from Puerto Rico reunite on Kauai. A hurricane wreaks island-wide havoc. Ciara is missing, presumed dead. Among the rubble, Lillian finds Ciara’s memoirs; a life history that threatens to expose secrets tightly held since the sinking of the Mercy.

Read an excerpt here:

Legacy Of The Tropics

Down To The Needle

Winner, Suspense Category, 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Abi’s heart condition could claim her life before she finds her abducted daughter who just may be the innocent young woman facing lethalinjection.

From the day her five-year-old was abducted, Abigail Fisher vowed never to stop looking until her daughter is safely returned. Despite multiple searches, twenty-three years have passed without a trace of Becky Ann. So when Abigail learns that death row inmate Megan Winnaker is the same age as her daughter, she can’t help but wonder if the kidnapper had Becky’s Ann’s face surgically altered to prevent identification.

Megan Winnaker maintains her innocence, but she will be put to death immediately if she loses her final appeal. As Abigail launches her own investigation to determine if Megan is truly her daughter, someone wants nothing more than to stop her in her tracks.

Suddenly, the house of the star witness who landed Megan on death row is burned to the ground. Then Abigail’s home explodes in flame leaving her fighting for her life. An alcoholic witness skips town and another is found dead from a drug overdose. To add to her plight, Abi could lose the love of her life when his former love distracts him. While Abi waits for DNA proof, she is desperate to free the innocent inmate who might be the person to end her heart-wrenching decades long search.

Down To The Needle

Write It Right - Tips for Authors

Learn how to polish your writing with a collection of extraordinary tips and numerous examples for making your prose leap off the page. Clarifying information at your fingertips.

Learn how to polish your writing with a collection of extraordinary tips and numerous examples for making your prose leap off the page. Articles include information from preparing to write, the myriad details of how to write, edit and polish, all the way through to publishing and managing promotion and personal brand before and after the book is published. It’s incredible help for writers of both fiction and nonfiction.

While writing, you may have encountered myriad questions about imperfect areas that you stumble across in the composition. The thoroughly explained tips offered in Write it Right - Tips for Authors clarifies those worrisome issues instead of simply taking a chance they’ll be acceptable. This is a volume of writing aid that you will refer back to time and again.

Read more about this reference book at amazon:

River Bones

Sara Mason Mysteries Book One

A serial killer terrorizes residents among the lush orchards and farmlands of the Sacramento River Delta in California.

Sara Mason returns to live in her hometown area in spite of torturous memories of the drowning deaths of her alcoholic parents and younger sister. She purchases a verifiably haunted ramshackle Victorian, intends to make peace with her past, and then learns the elusive psychopath is stalking her. Skeletal remains are found near her property, and later, on the property. Sara’s dreams of rebuilding her life are hindered. More remains are found and she is ordered to live elsewhere during the investigations.

River Bones - Sara Mason Mysteries Book One

Suspects include Crazy Ike who digs in graveyards; a vagrant caught wringing a cat’s neck, a window peeper, and numerous others connected to the twenty-eight known dead. The psychopath strangles his victims and snaps the hyoid bones in their throats, then buries each body with a small animal.

After escaping several attempts on her life, Sara discovers clues from previous victim burials and is the only person who can identify the perpetrator. She volunteers as a decoy for the Sheriff’s Department, and ends up with the maniac’s powerful hands wrapped around her throat.

Read an excerpt here:

The Howling Cliffs

Sara Mason Mysteries Book Two

After participating in a search for MIA remains in Vietnam, Sara nearly loses her life investigating a missing child case in Hawaii. Someone means to keep the cold case cold.

Sara Mason’s dedication to solving missing person cold cases with love interest, Huxley Keane, includes accompanying him into the Vietnam jungle searching for his MIA brother’s remains. The search yields heartbreaking yet questionable fragments that await identification.

Sara has purchased a home on the island of Kauai for use as an R&R stopover by veterans who make frequent trips between the U.S. Mainland and Vietnam. She learns that a little girl went missing ten years earlier on Kauai. Strangely, dogs perform a death wail when taken high on the cliffs. Accompanied by a neighbor’s retired forensic dog, Sara wants to learn why they howl mournfully in the forest.

Someone wants the missing child cold case to stay cold. Attempts are made on Sara’s life and continue as she investigates the girl’s disappearance. Sara is near death after her car is forced to roll off the road. Later, she is pushed over a rocky cliff. Dazed and alone at night on a narrow ledge, she discovers a frightful scene. The forensic dog leads Sara and the police to a second disgusting site that explodes the case wide open and exposes an elusive murderer’s motives, revenge and victims.

Read an excerpt here:

The Howling Cliffs - Sara Mason Mysteries Book Two
Title - To Be Revealed
Sara Mason Mysteries Book Three

Sara Mason and love interest, Huxley Keane, follow a trail of clues in an attempt to match a bullet-scarred key found in the Vietnam jungle. An apartment key was given to Rocky, Huxley’s brother, by his fiancée. If sweet Emma Ellis kept a matching key all these years, it would prove Rocky is not an MIA but deceased.


Tracing Emma proves to be a perilous escapade. She doesn’t wish to be found. Emma’s corrupt history is revealed. She’s now streetwise, involved in drugs and human trafficking. She attempts to stop Sara and Huxley whose very lives are threatened. In separate incidences, both Sara and Huxley are left to die of their wounds. But Sara and Huxley are resilient and save themselves. When Emma is caught, horrifying truths about the woman send their sensibilities reeling.

Watch this space for the Cover Reveal and links.

Off Center In The Attic

Over The Top Stories

Humor and nonsense, flights of fancy into other realms, fright, disgust and disappointment, silliness and wonderment, and the sadness of reality and heartache. It’s all here and more in stories that may leave you a little Off Center in the Attic, conjured through a mind that may be a little Off Center in the Attic. The complete list of 30 stories:

Acting in a Coffin - A director plays a prank that backfires on a movie set.

The Wallflower - A woman compares herself to one who is the life of the party.

Pupule - A neighborhood gets a lesson in humility from a crazy old Hawaiian man.

To Soar - What a bird drops.

Out of Body - A man is shot and his brain goes through a metamorphosis.

Looking for Life - Never the right one.

Most Wanted - The killer of young boys remains at large.

Grandpappy’s Cows - Antics of backward backwoods relatives.

Boy at the Crossroad - The making of a monster.

Cafeteria Science - How to lose your lunch.

Indoctrination - A daring woman gets her wish to experience something different.

Explosive Day - No escape.

The Smell of Death - A clue to the dying.

Legacy - A woman in mourning changes her life to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

An Urgent Message - A plea to a writer.

Rituals - Neurosis as a way of life.

Watched - Being watched can kill.

The Swimmer - A man losing his sanity.

Thanatos - The urge to die.

Alien Footprints - An invisible perpetrator.

Vibratory Rates - Visitations from heaven and hell.

The Voodoo Kit - A Jamaican hex follows a woman home.

Pekoe - A newborn kitten abandoned in a portable toilet.

Great Lady of Wisdom - A holy goat.

The Last Thing I Do - The end of making memories.

Future Winner - A little-known artist gets a break.

Innocence - A high school girl on the verge of betrayal by her innocence.

Sister Fly - Karma

Homeless, Not Heartless - A man and his dog.

Roots - What you may find when tracing your family tree.

Off Center In The Attic


Life-Changing Techniques Using Self-Hypnosis and Meditation

The human mind is capable of miracles and people are finally opening to that fact. Or maybe they aren’t miracles at all. They only seem that way because for so long powers of the human mind have been denied.

Also, a Finalist in the 

International Book Awards

Do you wish you had the power to become all that you can be? Discover your potential through unleashing the power of your mind. All good intentioned programming works best when you reach a deeper state of mind. The secret is in accessing those states through easy life-changing techniques presented here, in thoroughly explained examples.

A thin window of consciousness differentiates two states of the mind – self-hypnosis and meditation – and this book will show their similarities, and define each condition and accessibility. If curious enough to at least peruse this book, then the ability to learn these techniques are already a part of your consciousness and soon to be recognized. Lucky you! Your subconscious is prompting you to investigate. It is saying that you are capable of deeper states of mind.


Many have tried to focus to learn either self-hypnosis or meditation and failed. Applied concentration and knowing what to expect once entranced may be what was missing. The instructions in this book are meant for those wishing to learn and use the techniques of self-hypnosis and/or meditation for self-improvement. Easy yet powerful scripts are provided to produce desired changes. You can change your life now!

Read an excerpt here:

The Ka

A Paranormal Egyptian Fantasy

An Amazon Best-seller.

I can say a lot to describe this suspense novel. It is slightly paranormal. It is a suspense novel. It is a fantasy novel. That is, it's a slip-stream fantasy. Some people call that time-travel. Slip-stream describes how characters move from one period of time to another. The description below is also explanatory.

Egyptian magic interpreted from hieroglyphs by an archaeological team activates ancient spells and rituals that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

California archaeology student Chione Ini-Herit has vivid dreams about the discovery of an opulent tomb. After learning that Chione’s dreams are playing out in Egypt, the founder of the California Institute of Archaeology accepts an offer to examine a mysterious site in Valley of the Queens. When they discover a tomb, the archaeologists lives are irrevocably changed in unthinkable ways.

Magical spells encoded into the hieroglyphs transport Chione and her former love interest—fellow archaeologist Aaron Ashby—back 3,500 years to ancient Egypt. Even stranger, Aaron and Chione begin to experience the lives of Tutankhamon and Tauret, a Priestess in Pharaoh’s Court. They learn that Tauret coded magical spells into the hieroglyphs to keep her and Pharaoh irrevocably joined in the afterlife.

When other team members speak the spells aloud they, too, are affected in unfathomable ways by the Ka—the spirit of the entombed person. Chione and Aaron learn that Tauret has conjured powerful spells to provide Tutankhamon with a living heir, and Tauret has chosen them to complete her destiny.

Read an excerpt here:

The Ka, a paranormal Egyptian Suspense novel

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