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James J. Cudney IV has a new section on his blog where he will promote different activities of authors' lives. He has chosen me for his first posting. His belief and mine, that we are serious authors, but most authors also have varying talents in different areas. Wow! Thank you, James!

Free Promotion Codes for Audible

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My nonfiction book, Hypno-Scripts: Life-Changing Techniques Using Self-Hypnosis and Meditation is now available on Audio.

I have Promotion Codes in both the US and UK for those interested in a copy. If you are interested, send an email from the bottom of the page to let me know.

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My Elite Facebook Group for Authors

I have been extremely busy. I promote many writers. But I found a way to promote a lot of people all at once. I started a new Facebook group. I will be promoting widely.

Facebook groups are not only seen on Facebook. Google picks them up. Therefore I have created my own group called 4 & 5 STAR Book Reviews. This will give our best books yet another chance to be seen. A cluster of these books will attract attention. So, if you have 4 or 5 star reviews on your books, please consider joining the group. You can read the simple pinned instructions and apply.

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Submission Call


This is an on-going call for submissions from one of the best Literary print and online magazines around. They also nominate for the Pushcart Prize. They are open again, for submissions, starting with August.

Please read the entire guidelines before submitting. No, really. Please do. It will help you, and it will help us.

Vestal Review publishes its print issues twice a year in a perfect-bound edition. We don't read new submissions in December, January, June and July.

Vestal Review is a magazine for flash (short-shorts) fiction, 500 words or fewer. Since our content is free and we pay our authors, we are forced to resort to submission charges after 16 years of fee-free publication. Subsequently, we increased our honorarium (payment to authors) to $25 flat.

We are responding much quicker now. If you don't get a reply in a couple of weeks or so, it means that your story gets multiple reads and has a better than average chance of acceptance.

Vestal Review Submission Manager

Vestal Review is the oldest magazine of flash fiction, published continuously since 2000.

Please know that I do not share, sell, giveaway or do anything else that would jeopardize your email privacy. Period.

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